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Suggestion 1

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:34 pm

MasakiHayashi wrote:[size=200]Closed! Devs feel free to use this for materials![/size]

[size=190]Shorinji Kempo[/size]
Crafted by a spy whose mission was to hide in the enemy country and learn how they fought. When he returned he made a new style by combining his old martial arts with the knowledge he had gained from his enemies. Only those who train both their body and spirit as one may truly wield this scroll. Created by MasakiHayashi



Damage Combo
[80], [85], [50-55], [90], [120] - [480]

*2nd hit should be a right punch

BU Launcher
[90], [95], [120] - [305]

Same first kick as Kenpo. Second kick is slightly better. This launcher is only a mini-BU launcher like Sanshou.

Stance, Crossthru Attack
[90], [95], [-], [90], [200] - [475]

Stance has slightly less delay than Snake. Finisher causes the enemy to tumble behind the user.

Stance, Evade Flip
[90], [95], [-], [-] - [185]

Dodge flip just like Mantis.

Popup Fencer
[90], [95], [100], [150/90*] - [375*]

The popup attack willd put the user on the defensive if blocked.

Stance, Crossthru Attack
[90], [-], [90], [200] - [380]

Stance, Ukemi
[90], [0], [0] - [90]

Knockback Combo
[90], [90], [100], [150] - [430]

As it is the scrolls only knockback kick combo it is a difficult combo but is fast and leaves the user safe if used for pressure.

Ground Hit, Knockback Combo
[84/50*], [100/60*], [130] - [314/110*]

2nd and 3rd inputs hit front and back. Finisher has short knockback.

Ground Hit, Alternative Launcher
[84], [180] - [264]

Kenpo's Throw

Mini-spinout Counter

Enemies countered spinout as if hit by Berserker Exo's kG cannot be hit until they've landed on the floor.

Highest Damaging Juggle

Pros and Cons
+5hit Punch Combo
+Kick BU Launcher
+Kick Fencer
+Kick Stance (Mindgames)
+Special Counter

+/-Many Kick Options

-Challenging Scroll
-Difficult Kick Knockback Combo Input
-No Short Combos
-No Punch Options


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Re: Suggestion 1

Post by Admin on Fri Jul 08, 2016 12:36 pm

"Any fighter worth their salt in Blacktop knows of the Crimson Fist - a legendary street clan whose mere mention of name strikes fear into even the most hardened warriors of the ghetto.  An enigmatic group, their motives, other than the ultimate pursuit of power, are shrouded in mystery; the unfortunate those who have fought their members - and lived to tell the tale - can barely even mumble of the brutality they endured.

No technique is sacred, no move underhanded, to the Crimson Fist - for to the members of the Fist, to fight is to survive; and to survive is to win by any means necessary."
Price: ???
Class: All

    Comment:  A new scroll, for a new era - Crimson Fist is a brutal and relentless scroll designed purely for one thing; an endless, ruthless beatdown.  Every tool, every move the scroll has to offer, is tuned purely for a powerful offense and devastating pressure, allowing the Crimson Fist to absolutely dominate the standing game .  Even the ground is no longer a safe haven for opponents, however brief that moment may be; for the Crimson Fist can simply snatch them up and resume their onslaught.  However, Crimson Fist is just that - a solely offensive scroll.  Crimson Fist prioritizes advantage over edging prowess, and it has little in the way of kick options - lose your momentum, and lose the game.Like the original Crimson Fist, this is intended to be quite difficult to use.  Be warned: this is not a beginner friendly scroll.


Move List:


80, 90, 90, 95, 100, 105* (175) [560]
* - reduced damage due to air-time attack.
Fifth input launches slightly.
Second punch is not blockable from the back.

    Crimson Fist's PPPPPP is the first 6-input punch combo and the mainstay of its arsenal, inflicting a tremendous 560 damage.  As the backbone of the scroll, most of its offensive prowess banks entirely on the effectiveness of its usage.  As it is a punch combo, it cannot be used for reliable damage and as such, you must commit regularly to the pressure game in order to make the most out of it.  Thankfully, Crimson Fist is designed for just that;  all of the punches boast amazing properties, as they must in order for the scroll to compete.   Crimson Fist's first punch is fairly standard, but is also very fast - it will execute and recover at the same speed as the faster punches in the game, such as Zin Taekwondo's.  The second punch also comes out very fast and has a wide range, making it perfectly angleable and unblockable if the first hit connects from the back.  The third punch is much like the second in terms of range, but has very little reach - it cannot be used to grasp for faraway opponents, and will generally whiff if the second punch does not connect properly.  The fourth punch is an uppercut with tremendous range, and despite its reckless animation recovers quite fast.  The user uses the momentum from that animation for the fifth punch.  The fifth hit, the uppercut, similarly has wide range, but little reach, and pops up the opponent for the final punch.  All punches have good recovery, and excellent stun for such recovery - except for the final punch, which is heavily punishable on block.  All midcombo punches are frame neutral or slightly frame advantageous on guard (similar to Hitman PPPP, Shaolin Tiger PPPPP, Blackout PPPPP), making it difficult, but not impossible, for an opponent to retaliate.  Due to the last punch's wild movement, it does not angle well but will always connect unangled if the fifth punch previously hit.The final punch can be angled to make it slightly safer, although the recovery still makes this a risky gamble.  The second, third, and sixth punch can be broken mid-combo by counters, although this is extremely difficult if undelayed.The ground-hit can be used after the full combo.

One Two Boot

80, 85, 215 [380]
Second punch is not blockable from the back.
Final kick has Muscle Buster kick knockdown.

    The user can opt to end the combo early for a knockdown after the second punch with PPK, which can be useful if the user needs to get out of a sticky situation very quickly, or more optimally, start wakeup game as quickly as possible.  Because the kick has the Muscle Buster/Serpent final kick knockdown animation, the user has plenty of time to react to the opponent's knockdown, and then decide what to do accordingly.The last kick has horrible recovery and is easily punishable on either whiff or block.  On block, the last kick has major pushback.  The user can use this against a particularly daft opponent to potentially avoid some counterattack, if the opposing scroll and enemy are slow.The ground-hit can be used after the full combo.


125, 215 [340]
Final kick has Muscle Buster kick knockdown.

    Crimson Fist's only kick option is a two-hit kick combo, and its only source of reliable punishment.  Unlike a similar, punch-heavy scroll - Mach Knuckle - Crimson Fist actually has a kick combo which it can use - it is, however, very short, and deals little damage compared to other scrolls' kick combos; relying solely on kicks to win is a wholly ineffective strategy with Crimson Fist, but the option to punish an easily telegraphed move, or missed/blocked combo ender is still readily available.Despite its short length, however, Crimson Fist's KK is still reasonably powerful.  The first kick is quite fast and boasts good range, similar to Dragon's first kick.  On hit, there is a tremendous amount of stun, granting the user massive frame advantage if it does connect.  The user can then use this advantage to easily finish the combo, or stop and begin pressure game with punches.  On block, the first kick is very slightly frame advantageous.  The user cannot simply spam the first kick to force attrition, as the opponent still has the option to simply counter or attack back; instead this makes retaliation more difficult for the opponent.  The final kick causes Muscle Buster/Serpent final kick knockdown, giving the user plenty of time to think and decide how to approach the wakeup game.The properties of the final kick are the same as from PPK.  On block, the last kick has major pushback.  The user can use this against a particularly daft opponent to potentially avoid some counterattack, if the opposing scroll and enemy are slow.



(no target)

Picks up grounded opponent to standing position.
Can only hit one target.
Fails on standing opponents.

    Quite possibly the most terrifying element of Crimson Fist's arsenal, the kG ground hit inflicts little damage but comes with the devastating effect of picking the opponent off the floor against their will; upon success, the opponent will be left standing and at a slight frame disadvantage, allowing you to resume your onslaught.  When used optimally, your opponent will never have a breather, and will be continually forced to defend against your offense.But such a potentially powerful move has drawbacks.  If used against a standing opponent (or someone using Saver), the grab will flat-out fail, leaving you open to attack.  Also, perhaps the most important thing to note is that the ground hit does not guarantee any further damage.  The advantage given is slightly less than a default counter, making a followup grab not fully guaranteed.  You will need the proper prediction skills to correctly guess what the opponent will do next, and smash it.  If your prediction is poor, the opponent will be able to break free - or even punish you for picking them up.

Forced Entry

x, 200 [200]
Short knockdown.

    Crimson Fist's kGP is a last-resort maneuver it can use to cover a whiffed kG, negating an opponent's attempts to gain leverage during the wakeup game.  If the previous kG misses due to a mistime or a well-timed Saver by the opponent, you are able to use kGP, which can be used to hit a trigger-happy opponent that attempts to strike you immediately after they get up.  If the opponent blocks this on instinct, they will take blockstun, granting you very slight frame advantage.  However, the move is very, very slow, and easily telegraphed - there is a significant windup animation and delay before the active hitbox appears, giving a keen opponent ample time to deal with the move if they anticipated it before they use Saver.  On a total miss, the move has a horrible recovery time, allowing for easy punishment.  Simply mashing the move to try and ensure safety on thoughtless kGs is a death sentence, as if the opponent sees it coming, it can easily be jumped over, or countered.  Even if the attack is blocked, a particularly clever enemy will not be entirely helpless - if the user recklessly attempts to press the advantage after being blocked, they may find themselves countered, or even clashing in an unfavorable stun war if the opponent has a fast scroll.While this move can potentially be used as a standalone stun attack against a turtler, this tactic is generally ineffective due to the huge amount of time required to burn through a whiffed kG and the P input's massive startup.  If the opponent actually eats this move, you can walk over and use the ground hit.While powerful, good use of this move necessitates careful thought.This move CANNOT be used if kG already previously connected.

Crimson Combination

Very little forward knockback.

    Crimson Fist's grab deals a huge amount of damage but in exchange, has virtually no knockback, making it practically useless in any edging situation.  What it does well, however, is ensure advantage for the user; upon success, the opponent is left with a huge amount of ground-time, allowing the user to decide between whether doing traditional wake-up game or using the ground-hit to force them back up and attempt to knock them down again.

Hand of the Crimson Fist

Forces "/taunt1" macro.
Throws forward slightly.
Causes severe emotional damage.

    Crimson Fist's counter is a fairly standard, forward-tossing one but comes with the added benefit(?) of forcing your character to use the "/taunt1" soundbite every time you succeed, shattering your opponent's morale and destroying their will to fight.Upon success the opponent is left on the floor for quite some time, allowing you to walk up to them and pick them up if desired.

+ insane potential damage output
+ hugely damaging punch combo
+ unique ground-hit grab
+ many moves grant 1v1 advantage

+/- counter forces macro

- difficult
- no launcher
- limited kick options
- poor edging game
- kG fails on standing enemy


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